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Canoes on a Lake


One on one conversations with Canadians discussing government over-regulation


We believe society is the sum of individuals interacting with one another. What we are providing, here, is a platform for these individuals to talk to one another, share their unique insights as to how government  is failing us, and to hammer out a solution together.

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Late Night Snack

The SHow

Each week, we give ordinary Canadians the microphone and they tell us all the many ways that government is encroaching on their lives.


What we learn from our guests we then collect as a series of tactics which our government uses against us. Once we know how they are attacking us, we can start mounting a meaningful defense.


How You Can Help

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Come On The Show

You do not have to be famous to get on our show. You just have to be brave enough to stand up and speak the truth. Send us an email and we will reach out to you. 


We run a pretty lean operation, but we still have to pay staff to make the videos and to post them online. Please donate if you can so we can continue hosting the show.

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