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Central Banking


The Problem

The government can spend money it does not have, and print money it will never be able to pay back


The Cause

A fractional reserve banking system that creates more ledger money than exists real assets (ie. timber)

The Great Ponzi

Ed Dowd breaks down the US fractional reserve Ponzi scheme

Interest Manipulation

Historic low interest rates lead to taking out of more mortgages and more demand for homes and the inflation of the cost of materials to build the homes. The recent high interest rate has decreased new developments, and thus the supply.

Dishonest QE

Quantitative Easing is just a dishonest way of lowering the interest rate.

Future Debt

With fractional reserve banking, we are borrowing money from our future self. Essentially we are burdening our future self.

Derivative Gambling

They have imperceptibly slowly altered the banking laws such that we are not aware that we are no longer depositors, but unsecured creditors 

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