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The Problem

Unions, sworn to protect their members, are throwing their members under the bus


The Cause

Now that union membership is mandatory, there is no incentive for them to represent their members

Compelled Membership

Canada is one of the only countries that compels its citizens to join unions

Elected vs Unelected

Unions have both an elected leadership and an unelected staff

Full Legal Representation

When you join a union, you forfeit your rights to outside legal counsel

Political DOnations

Unions can take your money, earmarked for strikes, and donate it to political parties

Absurd Transfers

The BC government wants to give 300M to unions by 2025!

Government Pays Unions

Your dues are taken off your salary and given to the unions as if it were a tax

Broken Unions

Unions are fundamentally broken at an institutional level

Public Membership

An astounding 80% of the public sector has union membership

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