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Densification & Urbanization

We are so removed from a self sustaining homestead that in these urban centers we are giving in absurd policies like plastic straw bans, and reduction of critical infrastructure through bicycle lanes.

Densification & Urbanization

Although it is true that over-regulation is responsible for the high cost of development, the high cost of land is as a result of, among other factors, the fact that the government won't free up more land despite Canada's population having grown over the last decade. What has happened is that more and more people are being crammed into the same space, and with the density rising. In BC, as an example, the provincial government has rezoned single family parcels to allow for four or eight families.

A consequence of this is that the price of land will go up, enriching the few people that can still own land, thereby fueling this belief in Canada that land owners are evil. When this happens, the same government that caused this problem in the first place will come in and propose draconian measures for and additional taxes on the landowning class.

What is needed, instead, is for the province to take its, roughly 95% ownership of land and auction it off to Canadian citizens. The municipalities, then, need to begin planning for new communities and providing utilities to them. This densification push is an idealistic, pie in the sky fantasy.

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