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Inflation renders money a ruler modeled on an achordian


I believe that money is the measuring tape for value, and inflation constantly distorts that tape.

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I start with the position that there should be no taxation, then make limited concessions for things such as roads and courts, and also for a safety net.

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I am an Aristotelian in that I believe in objective reality, not mysticism, I believe in the individual, not the collective, and I believe man can find happiness through his own action.


Every time we introduce a regulation to push society towards perfection, we deprive a citizen of their ability to earn a living. We must not use regulations as means of achieving utopia.


The transfer of decision making of educational curricula from the community to the provincial government is an abdication of parental responsibility.

Health Care

We do not have health care in Canada. Rather, we have sick care.


Pensions do not work because governments have every incentive to over promise, and to the dilute pensions through inflation


We have two problems with immigration. That there is too much happening too fast, and that we are bringing in immigrants to make up for government incompetence, rather than getting rid of government incompetence.

Densification & Urbanization

We are so removed from a self sustaining homestead that in these urban centers we are giving in absurd policies like plastic straw bans, and reduction of critical infrastructure through bicycle lanes.


By virtue of being mandatory and having their dues collected by the governments, unions have become fully compromised and are now operating as a lobbying arm of the government.

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